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Dish Block | Lime and Bloom 350g


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Cold process tallow dish block, handcrafted and formulated as a powerful multi-purpose cleaner in and around the kitchen.

It was designed and created by the Farm Kitchen team with the environment in mind.

It’s completely sustainable and made with no dyes, phosphates, palm oil and SLS.

This is an ideal housewarming gift for friends and families who are switching to low waste lifestyle.

This Product.

  • Grease cutting power.
  • Fresh fragrance
  • Free from dyes, phosphates and SLS
  • Zero waste and plastic free packing

To Use.

  • Just rub a wet sponge or brush on the dish block until it lathers.
  • Scrub dishes, then rinse with water.
  • Store on a soap dish or rack.


What’s inside.

  • One fragranced dish block soap 350g
  • 7cm x 7cm x 7cm


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